Friday, March 9, 2007

Tune in for 'One Winter Story' a documentary about the male dominated world of big wave surfing from a woman's perspective.

I want to thank Elizabeth Pepin of Frank Films (a woman owned production company pushing the boundaries of documentary film) for being on the show with us and talking about their amazing film due to be aired on PBS in Sept. of this year. This was an exciting show for me to do because I am a fan of and am inspired by any female athlete who can face hardship and come out on top. Give this one a listen won't regret it! I even play some great surf tunes as well.

One Winter Story:
Official Selection: 2006 Mill Valley Film Festival; 2006 Hawaii International Film Festival; 2007 San Francisco Ocean Film Festival; 2007 X-Dance Film Festival where the film was nominated for Best Biography; Best Cinematography; Best Original Soundtrack

A short review from the Mill Valley Film Festival where “One Winter Story” screened to sold out audiences and rave reviews!

Sarah Gerhardt became a star in the surfing universe in 1999 as the first woman to slice across a monster wave at Northern California's legendary Maverick's. Media coverage, sponsorship and adulation followed, but Sarah's dramatic journey from poverty and despair to accomplishment and peace went unnoticed. Producers/Directors Sally Lundburg and Elizabeth Pepin's “One Winter Story” traces Sarah's strength and determination to their roots in a beautiful montage of film, voice, memory and emotion. The surfing footage is an awesome sight but the fine, intensely immediate rendering of Sarah's experience is this unforgettable film's real reward.

“One Winter Story” is an unprecedented glimpse into the male-dominated world of big-wave surfing from an unusual and seldom seen perspective - a woman’s. This hour-long 16mm and super 8 film explores the nature of fear and faith through the experience big-wave surf pioneer, Sarah Gerhardt. “One Winter Story” is a personal documentary that follows Sarah through several winter seasons as she surfs Maverick’s, a monstrous wave that breaks in the freezing, shark-infested waters off Half Moon Bay in Northern California.

Sarah’s journey to Maverick’s was anything but easy. Surfing became her escape from the hardships of home and faith became the guiding force in her life. “Growing up was a dark time and it was the only light that I had, basically, besides my Mom. It's definitely been the backbone of my life, this faith. I wouldn't be a centered person if I didn't have this concrete foundation to land my feet on.” Sarah is a genuine big-wave pioneer, the first woman to surf what is one of the largest waves in the world. In the eight years that she has been surfing Maverick’s, Sarah has found that each time is a unique experience, determined by the wave itself and her own response. Through it all, we share Sarah’s fear and frustration, and come to understand how her family and her faith help her take on the obstacles in her life and find peace within herself.

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Frank Films has offices in San Francisco and Hawaii and is a production company that is dedicated to bridging experimental film techniques with documentary sensibilities. By blending impressions, memory, and history into dream-like narratives, Frank Films aims to skirt the boundaries of documentary film, creating subjective essays that are based in evidence.

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